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Team Solutions


High performing teams execute many things well and intuitively adjust to each other in the midst of complexity and change.  But to do that they must master the fundamentals, which many teams skip in the name of just getting to work or floundering by following the management fad du jour.  If you neglect the foundational elements on a team, you'll have deep, chronic problems that get worse over time.  Effective teams need a solid foundation built on clarity and a common understanding of:

  • Goals

  • Roles

  • Processes

  • Interpersonal Operating Agreements

Until you have the foundations in place no amount of cocktail parties, ropes courses, or empowerment training can make your team work effectively. But if you've constructed the foundations well, you can move to higher order achievements and create exponential breakthroughs.


We work with teams at all stages of the life-cycle. We do not provide "sit-and-get" lecture trainings. Our approach is highly interactive and based on adult learning best practices.

We administer an upfront assessment to determine your team's maturity level and then tailor a series of targeted workshops to help you take your team to their next level. Topics addressed include the following:

  • Team Foundations - Goals, Roles, Process, Interpersonal Operating Agreements

  • New Leader and Team Integration

  • Boosting Team Productivity

  • Leveraging Strengths and Personality Dynamics

  • Innovating and Creating Breakthrough Solutions

  • Repairing Conflict

  • Harnessing Conflict for Creativity

The length of engagement will depend on your team's specific situation, but many of our team engagements feature an initial assessment plus four half-day workshops.