Career Coaching


GreenLead provides 1x1 career coaching with talented, ambitious individuals to help you confidently make your next professional move and create a meaningful life you love.

We guide you through a systematic, thought-provoking, and creative process to investigate and answer questions like the following:

  • What do I really want to do next?

  • What's my unique value set - purpose, passion, strengths, skills?

  • How does my unique value set align with opportunities I see?

  • Which opportunities should I explore and nurture? Which should I ultimately choose?

  • What's my strategy to get from here to there?

  • What specific, tactical actions can I take to make this happen?

  • How can I prepare to crush it in my next role?

While you can think and plan on your own, working with a coach helps you ensure you've done enough deep reflection work (in the midst of a busy life) to feel confident in your decision long-term.

Our coaching packages include 10 sessions

Coaching is done virtually at times convenient for you.

Note: Just to clarify, Career Direction coaching isn't resume review, networking tips, linked-in updates, etc., although we may touch on that if necessary. Rather, it's an intentional process to discover what you want to achieve and build plans to help you get from here to there.