GreenLead Academy

A Year-Long Leadership Development Program for Environmental, Sustainability, and Cleantech leaders


What's At Stake

Before he passed, Stephen Hawking predicted humans have 100 years left on Earth before we must find another place to live. Whether he’s right or not, we can all agree that environmental challenges pose existential threats to humanity. How we act - or don’t - in the next 100 years will determine our collective future.

A Lever for Good

The GreenLead Leadership Academy exists to help environmental, sustainability, and cleantech leaders make a bigger, positive impact on our collective future. As a leader you act like a lever for good in our society. When you are more effective, your organization is more effective. It is healthier, more dynamic, more impactful, and able to deliver better results. We will help you become a more powerful lever for good by building your leadership capacity.

elite coaching for noble causes

We employ the same cutting-edge leadership development methods used by the world’s most successful companies, elite teams, and institutions of higher learning. The program will draw heavily on applied neuroscience, behavioral science, peak performance science from athletics, adult development psychology, and complex systems research.



Clean-tech, environmental, and sustainability executives with:

  • 5+ years of leadership experience

  • A commitment to bringing about big, positive results in the world

  • Passion for building a high-performing mission-driven organization


FOR YOU:  After participating in the program, you'll be able to do the following as a leader:

  • Clarify your vision for impact in the long, medium, and short term

  • Cultivate and leverage the unique sense of purpose afforded to those working on sustainability-oriented projects

  • Build confidence and stronger presence as you face powerful and adversarial forces

  • Create high-performance routines to manage your energy and focus over time

  • Increase your resilience in the face of obstacles, negative news, and collective insanity

  • Build skills for leading your team and complex stakeholder networks

  • Develop and execute a personal development plan

TO BRING TO YOUR ORGANIZATION AND MISSION:  As a result of you becoming more effective personally by improving your leadership mindsets, skills, and behaviors, you will be able to help your organization have the following:

  • Better execution on the key metrics that matter for your organizational and environmental vision in the short, medium, and long term

  • Greater alignment on vision, mission, goals, roles, and processes

  • Higher morale and retention in the face of dire geopolitical and existential news

  • Higher performance as you help others leverage their strengths

  • Less “drama” and negative personality dynamics

  • Greater connection with your organization’s complex web of green and non-green stakeholders


The 2019 year-long leadership development will take a cohort through a series of highly -interactive learning experiences:

  • 3 three-day in person training sessions in Raleigh, NC (January, April, August - dates TBD)

  • 7 group coaching calls (5 students in a small group; Feb, Mar, May, June, July, Sept, October)

  • 1 final large group call


In person sessions in Raleigh, North Carolina; other sessions virtual


$7,000 per participant




Module 1:
YOU as Leader

  • Connecting with Your Deep Purpose
  • Clarifying Your Vision for Impact in the Short, Medium, and Long-Term
  • Building Self-Awareness: Strengths, Weakness, Shadow
  • Building Resilience and Peak Performance Amidst Adversity
  • Green Case Studies

Module 2:
Leading Your Organization

  • Building Ownership in Shared Vision
  • Architecting High-Performance Teams & Cultures
  • Sustaining Organizational Resilience in the Face of Large, Lasting Adversity
  • Leading Change Through Resistance
  • Green Case Studies

Module 3:
Expanding Your Impact in the World

  • Influencing Others: Interests, Behavioral Science, and Systems Forces
  • Managing Complex Stakeholder Webs
  • Navigating Power & Shifting Politics
  • Building a Movement & Creating Opportunities for For Action
  • Green Case Studies
Adam is like having an athletic coach for your career - someone to push me to think about the right things in the right way, to stay focused on the things that matter so I can achieve professional and personal goals.
— Ray H.


We're happy to answer any questions you may have, but for a quick answer check the most frequently asked ones below.

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What makes this program “green”?


We built this program specifically to help environmental, sustainability, and cleantech leaders working to save our world. Why? Because we want you to win. The program will not be regular leadership development in a green wrapper! Having worked in clean-tech companies and having coach many green leaders, we bring deep experience and passion to help you with your unique challenges.  Your cohort participants and instructors will bring experience from green industries, and the content will be tailored to be more relevant and helpful for those in sustainability-oriented professions. We’ll also be serving local meals with nutrition options (vegetarian and vegan) and the program will take place in a setting where we can connect with the natural world.

Does this program focus more on Leadership or Management?  

This program focuses on advanced leadership skills. By leadership, we mean things like setting a vision, emotional intelligence, influencing others, building a coalition, inspiring others, building cultures, etc.  We will not focus on the following management topics: budgets, resource allocation, fundraising, etc. Management and business skills are important, but they’re not what we’re focusing on here.

Is this program good for new leaders? This program is not Leadership 101. We will cover more advanced leadership topics, and will be more suitable for those with some leadership experience and training already.

Who is the program NOT for?

This program requires a significant amount of personal growth fueled by introspection, feedback, and individual initiative. If you’re looking for a class to come and “sit-and-get” and be entertained for a few days, this is not the class for you. (This program is also not for people who want to use their leadership superpowers for bad :)

How can I get the most from this program? The more you put into the program, the more you’ll get out of it. You will experience dramatic results if you do the following:

  • Accept feedback thoughtfully

  • Ask yourself tough questions

  • Be bold and take risks

  • Practice new mindsets and behaviors

How much work will be required outside of class?

Throughout the program, we will constantly be moving between INSIGHT and ACTION. We focus on helping you get your leadership skills “in the muscle.” Between modules and between coaching engagements, you will have some homework to complete. The homework will include specific actions you identify to drive your development and your goals. For example, if you’re working on building a coalition, your homework might be to take some specific action to build that coalition and report on your results and learning to your classmates. You will also have 1-2 articles to read before each training session.

What if I don’t like it?

We ask participants to fully commit to the training for the entire year. Personal growth is not always easy, and there may some things for you to work through on your way to becoming a better leader. That said, if you are unhappy during the first module, we ask you to provide feedback to the instructors who will work with you to determine an appropriate and reasonable next step.

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